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Bright and the northeast recalls Patrizia’s native town Perugia in Umbria.

“I discovered this valley and this region through its produce and through my food others can share my experience too.

I have been so lucky that people have given me their treasures to use.”

We believe good food does not need to be complicated.  In fact, the best food is often the simplest.  Our recipes and our cooking style reflect this fact. Fresh ingredients, treated simply and with respect, are the foundation of memorable meals.


Food should be delicious, and every meal should be a celebration. So when you come to our cooking school, you will not only learn how to execute a menu; you will also learn how it should taste.


Whether you are a casual cook or a dedicated enthusiast, once you spend time with Patrizia, you'll understand it takes more than a recipe to prepare an authentic Italian meal - and why it's worth it.


Take a look at the courses on offer - we hope that you will find something that takes your fancy. If you are interested in putting together something more bespoke, then we may be able to help with that too.


Maximum class size is 6 (and no - you don't have to find another 5 friends!).


Special interest classes (eg specific ingredient/s or dishes, corporate exercises etc) can be catered for by emailing Patrizia here. Minimum size for these classes is six persons.


Do you want to expand your collection of Italian recipes? Learn new specialties and handy techniques?


Each class is designed to meet the needs of the participants. Menus vary according to the seasonal produce available. BOOK NOW

If you are interested in going on the email list to learn what's happening in our part of Bright click here


Classes commence at 10am (coffee and biscotti from 9.30am) and conclude around 2pm.


Class fee includes hands-on demonstration, light lunch (with wine), refreshments, recipes to take away.

Bookings are accepted only with full payment made via the secure online site.


To make payment click on the relevant underlined class day/date below. If there is no link please phone Patrizia on 0439 952 022.  Your place in the class is not confirmed until full payment has been received.

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Cooking School

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These travel experiences are not just any guided tour, rather, you are sharing an intimate adventure with friends and family—much like we do when we return to Italy. One could say it is like being on holiday with your Italian cousins!


You will be sharing the Simones culture and the authentic food and atmosphere of the different regions. This is the world of extended family and a way of life rooted in centuries of tradition. A world and way of life that is, alas, fast disappearing.


Our daily excursions to highlights will proceed at a leisurely pace, taking the slow and scenic route. The activities and sights have been carefully chosen to provide you with memories that will endure.


Our objective is simple - to provide you with an authentic insight into the food and culture of Patrizia's and George's home regions and the knowledge to recreate, at home, some dishes that will forever remind you of your stay.



Tours TBA

We've visited the Basque Country and the Dordogne several times over the past few years, and thought it time to share our discoveries with you.  We visit towns such as Bilbao, La Rioja, San Sebastien, Hondarribia, La Roque Gageac and many towns in between.  Restaurants, producers, markets are all in our itinerary, as are home visits for hands-on experiences, and guided tours by locals. (Total trip time approximately 12 days - to be confirmed.)


Our Amalfi - Puglia trip has always been one of our most favoured by culinary travellers.  We tend to stay in one place for a few days, each day venturing out to nearby towns (inland and seaside) to experience the foods, history and amazing landscapes of this area. Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Capri, the Walk of the Gods (for those anxious to build up an appetite!), Matera, Locorotondo, Ostuni, Cisterno, Alborello and many other towns are on the itinerary.  (Total trip time approximately 10 days - to be confirmed.)

For More information on our Culinary Tours please contact


Patrizia Simone on


0439 952 022


Join Patrizia Simone, Umbrian-Australian chef and advocate of eating and living by the seasons, as she shares the time-honoured rituals, stories and treasured family recipes from her childhood in rural Italy that inspire the dishes that were served at her celebrated restaurant, Simones of Bright, in Victoria's Ovens Valley.


From the simplest pork ribs grilled over hot coals, delicate salads of spring flowers, handmade pasta and fruit-filled crostate to elegant dishes using that most Umbrian of ingredients, the truffle, this book captures the essence of Umbria and its culinary traditions. More than just a cookbook, My Umbrian Kitchen is a guide to a way of life who traditions we can learn from and keep alive, wherever we are today.

'I remember sitting in a piazza somewhere in Umbria, sipping a coffee and urging Patrizia to write down her stories, and show how her present life draws upon and has been enriched by what has gone before. This is precisely what she has done here. . . ' Stephanie Alexander


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