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These travel experiences are not just any guided tour, rather, you are sharing an intimate adventure with friends and family—much like we do when we return to Italy. One could say it is like being on holiday with your Italian cousins!

You will be sharing the Simones’ culture and the authentic food and atmosphere of the different regions. This is the world of extended family and a way of life rooted in centuries of tradition. A world and way of life that is, alas, fast disappearing.


Our daily excursions to highlights will proceed at a leisurely pace, taking the slow and scenic route. The activities and sights have been carefully chosen to provide you with memories that will endure.

Our objective is simple - to provide you with an authentic insight into the food and culture of Patrizia's and George's home regions and the knowledge to recreate, at home, some dishes that will forever remind you of your stay.

SICILY 15-30 September 2015

Sicily, once known as the ‘badlands’ of Italy, is becoming ” the place to visit” and for good reason. Greek, Spanish, Arabic & Norman influences can be found in the unique mix of cuisine, architecture and art inherited from the numerous invasions Sicily has known in the past.


Our tour will take us through this island rich with history, culture, cuisine and stunning landscapes.

Between discovering the delights of wines, seafood, chocolate, cheeses, olives and local markets we will explore the amazing salt pans near Mozia, Baroque villages, beaches and fish markets, ancient Greek temp
les and archaeological sites, Etna volcano and the Aeolian islands.


As we cross the island we will explore the interior where olive trees and vineyards create a picturesque landscape around charming hill top villages unchanged with the passage of time.  We will explore the towns where old mafia wars took place and The Godfather was filmed.

Local producers will engage us in hands-on demonstrations of traditional cheese, olive oil and chocolate making. 


Discover all that is best about Sicily when we tour this exceptional island – a land of intriguing places and tastes.
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